Issue 02

News and figures

2 – Festival of Labor competition movement of VUSTA 2000-2005 – Vietnam Steel Corporation (VSC)

3 The Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Sci. & Tech. Association forwards to new developments

4 Warmly welcoming to all participants of the AFC-9 in Hanoi, Vietnam

5 Proposals for new R-D activities of period 2006-2010 in the field of metallic materials orienting to principal and export products


8 Pham Duc Thang: Intensive pyro-metallurgy of multimetallic sulfure gold ore


11 Nguyen Van Thai, Nguyen Hong Hai, Pham Due Thang, Mai Lam Son: Degassing and refining alluminum alloys by inert gas


14 Nguyen Ngoc Thu: Rational investment for the modern and stable casting production


17 Dao Hong Bach: On the heat transfer coefficient in the metal-mold interface

Advanced materials, composite

25 Bui Doan Dong, Tran Sy Khang, Do Minh Nghiep: Influence of chemical composition and processing conditions on microstructure and properties of heavy alloy system W-Ni-Fe-Co

Deformation forming

31 Pham Ha Duong, Pham Van Nghe, Nguyen Tat Tien: Elastic blankholder system in forming die