Issue 05


2 40 years of Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Sci. and Techn. Association (5/4/1966-5/4/2006)

4 Nguyen Xuan Mai: Exploration, processing situation of non ferrous metals and its development perspectives


9 Le Van Binh, Ho Van Son, Chu Duc Khai: Production of thermal resistant plate in the ladle for stul making

12 Phung Viet Ngu, Nguyen Kim Thiet: Enrichment of brown iron ores of the region Tien Bo

20 Bui Van Muu: Oxygen and sulfur removing by Ce for CrMn – Stainless steel


23 To duy Phuong, Pham Tien Chien, Hoang Thi Binh, Do Chi Linh: The effect of phase composition and microstructure on corrosion resistance of cast 25Cr 6Ni 3Mo 0,25N duplex stainless steel

29 Nguyen Huu Dung: On the furnace out desulphurization process


34 Nguyen Duc Khien: Enviromental industry


36 Technological investment in the company Tran Phu

38 Copper combinat of 60000 T/year capacity in Laos

38 Deadline of validility of some mesurement units in VN standards system

40 The wealth of the ocean

41 The world gold market

42 How the Japanese businessman says about his success