Issue 10

2 New Year letter of VFMSTA and Chief Editor


3 Pham Chi Cuong: Development tendency of world steel market in recent years

4 Phung Viet Ngu: On the registration for title “ASEAN engineer”

Mining and mineral processing

6 Nghiem Gia & NNK: Innovation and modernization of technologies in mineral mining and processing of Vietnam Steel Corporation in the period of 2010-2025

11 Nguyen Minh Duong: Initiatives and advanced technologies applied in mineral processing at Vietnam Mineral Corporation

15 Nguyen Nhat: Scientific and technical activities and orientation on down stream processing of titanium ores in Ha Tinh Mineral and Trading Company


17 Cao Dinh Thanh, Vu Thanh Quang, Ngo Van Tuyen: Production of zirconite and zirconia from zircon concentrate

21 Nguyen Khai Hoan, Nguyen Tai Minh: Rolling processing of copper alloy LK 75-0,5

25 Nguyen Van Hien, Le Thi Chieu: Low temperature carbonitriding of die steels SKD61 and SKD11 by liquid method for diffusion layer with dispersive carbide and nitride particles


30 Nguyen Duc Khien: Cooling and purification of LD furnace gas

Short stories

33 Nguyen Duc Khien: How to get minerals from sea water?

34 About golden things