Issue 12


2 Phung Viet Ngu: Resolutions of Central  Comittee of VFMS- TA

2 Phung Viet Ngu: Ten priority industrial fields of Vietnam

3 Scientific workshop on Foundry

4 Van Anh: News  of world steel industry

8 News challenges for steel  industry  of Vietnam

9 Nguyen Xuan Ba: On the global exploitation  and production of bauxite, alumina  and  aluminium  and  development ori- entation of aluminium  industry  in Vietnam

15 Nghiem Gia: Determination of price for Thach  Khe iron ore


18 Le Ba Dung: Mould and  core  making

22 Pham Ba Kiem, Le Hong Son, Nguyen Anh Dat: Role of refine and  modification technology for casting of copper and copper alloys


28 Nguyen Van Chien, Tran Van Vu: Improved  processing anode mud  during  Sn  electrolysis  for  recovery  of  useful  ele- ments Sn, Cu, As, Bi, Au,…

32 To Duy Phuong, Tran Ngoc Bach, Nguyen Phuc Hai, Le Xuan Hien, Nguyen Van Tuan: Influence  of the  mixture  composi- tion and  diluted  solvent  on  heat  resistance and  surface quality of mould coating prepared from Co Dinh chromite sand

38 Truong  Ngoc Than, Vu Chat Phac: Study  on  electrolyse of aluminium  in home-made equipment

42 Le Thi Chieu, Nguyen Van Tu, Nguyen Anh Son: Nitriding for new and  used extrusion dies

Environment and industrial safety

46 Nguyen Duc Khien: Cleaning of sintered waste gas Accident  by liquid steel

Short stories

48 Nguyen Duc Khien: Exploitation of manganese in the  sea bottom

50 The biggest kettle drum Ngoc Lu