Issue 13


2 Ngoc Chien: Vietnam steel  industry: intergration and devel- opment process

4 Forward  to 2nd  congress of Vietnam Association for Heat treatment

6 Phung Viet  Ngu: Establisment of center for Science and

Technology of Metals

7 Pham  Chi Cuong:  On  the   new   investment  projects  for Vietnam  steel  industry

10 Truong Duc Chinh: Development orientation of the mineral industry for period  (2006-2010) and  next year

Advanced Technology

14 Dang Le Toan: The  necessary colaboration between designer, mechanical engineer and  heat-treatment tech- nologist

18 Nguyen Phu Ap: On the heat  treatment problems related to improvement of quality for Vietnamese bycicles

21 Nguyen Van Chien, Pham Xuan Kinh, Ngo Van Quyen, Mai Thi Thanh:  Production of red  powder  from pirit slag  of Lam Thao  chemical and  superphosphate company

26 Le Trong Hau, Ly Quoc Cuong, Le Thu Quy, Do Thi Thuc, Dao Bich Thuy, Nguyen Van Tuan, Mai Duc Thang: Microstructure and  the heat-resistance of the titanium-diffused copper.

30 Nguyen Khac  Cuong, Nguyen Trong  Dan, Le  Thu Quy:  Zinc coating  on steel  for corrosion resistance


34 Nguyen Huu Dung: Austempered ductile iron (ADI) alloyed with copper

39 Nguyen Kim Thiet, Pham Kim Dinh, Dinh Tien Thinh: Preparation of electrolyte solution  for tin

43 Nguyen Khac Xuong, Tran Nhu Bien,  Do Minh Duc: Simultaneous influence  of transition  metals (Ti, Mn, Cr) on  microstructure and  recrystallization temperature  of deformation aluminium  alloys of system Al-Zn-Mg


48 Nguyen Duc Khien: Refining  of gas from electric  are  fur- nace

Short stories

50 P.V.N.: The Yen Tu copper pagoda-awonder of Vietnam