Issue 14


2 Second Congress of VN Association for Heat  Treatment

3 News from VFMSTA and  VSA


5 Ta  Quang  Hong: On  the  project  of exploitation  and  pro- cessing of laterite  bauxite  in South  Vietnam

11 Pham Mai Khanh, Dinh Quang Nang, Pham Van Khoi: Status and  development tendency of mould mixtures

Advanced Technology

18 Luu  Minh Dai,  Pham Duc  Thang: Recycling  and  utilization solid wastes from the chromium  and  nikel plating


26 Truong  Ngoc Than, Vu  Chat Phac:  Atmospheric  pressure digestion of Baoloc  bauxite  concentrates

29 Truong Ngoc Than, Vu Chat Phac: Influence  of some para- meters  on   the   decomposition  of  NaAl(OH)4   solution obtained from digestion of Baoloc  bauxite

32 Tran Quoc Lap: Influence  of mechanical energy on sinter- ing of metal  powders

35 Tran  Quoc Lap,  Pham  Thao, Vu  Lai  Hoang: Fabrication  of alloying Cu – Fe matrix for sintered structural materials

38 Tran Van Dung,  Nguyen Dang Thuy: Microstructure and prop- erty  of TiB2–  dispersed Cu-matrix  composites produced by mechanical mixing, self propagating high temperature synthesis and  spark  plasma sintering

43 Tran Quoc Lap, Pham Thao, Vu Lai Hoang: Fabrication of  Fe based friction materials Φ MK 11


47 Nguyen Duc Khien: Gas cleaning during ferro-alloy production

49 Short stories