Issue 22


2 New Year Greeting

2 Steel production and trade in year 2008

9 News of steel industry

11 Pham Chi Cuong: Increasing investment of steel industry when Vietnam became WTO member


13 Chien Dung: To defend Vietnam trade name for steel products – an unequal struggle

13 Chien Dung: On the assessing of investment projects

16 Thanh Huong: The worries of real ability of investors of rolling combinate projects

17 Anh Quan: Vietnam steel industry under “an illusion”?

20 Nguyen Duc Khien: On the challenges facing the developing Vietnam metallurgical industry


22 Tran Ba Hung, Tran Si Khang, Truong Ngoc Than: Kinetic energy transformation of projectiles having adiabatic shear characteristics when penetrating the target

26 Nguyen Tai Minh, Vu Le Hoang: Manufacturing process of alloy steel 03Н18К9М5ТЮ

32 Pham Ba Kiem, Le Hong Son, Nguyen Minh Dat: On the production technology of wedding Alumina alloys for aluminum

36 Nguyen Van Thai, Nguyen Anh Son, Nguyen Van Chuong: The effect of content and size of SiC partiles on microstructure and properties of 356 alloy matrix composites

40 T. V. Khoa, T.T. Phuong, N.T. Minh, P.V. Cuong, V.L. Hoang, N.T. Huy, N. K. Hoan: Preparation of the alumina ceramic-kevlar composite complex armor plate

Metals and life

44 The biggest Buddha statue made of copper

45 Zinc and cadimium for prostate cancer

46 Iron is necessary for all people

47 Content for 2008