Issue 25

News and facts

2 The second Congress of Danang Foundry and Metallurgy ST Association (Danang FMSTA)

3 Activity Program of Danang FMSTA for years 2009-2014

4 Resolutions of the second Congress of the Danang FMSTA

5 Government’s answer to questions of National Assembly about TayNguyen bauxite

6 Exploration of Tay Nguyen bauxite is considered to be continued

7 Pham Chi Cuong: Vietnam steel industry in first half of 2009

11 News of metallurgical industry

14 Tran Van Trach: Production situation of alumina and aluminum in the world and opportunity for Vietnam

Advanced technology, equipment and materials

19 Bui Van Muu: Metallurgy of middle carbon ferrochromium alloy from Codinh-Thanhhoa chromite ore

22 Nguyen Chung Cang: Appoximate calculation of temperatures for quenching, annealing and normalizing of carbon steels

26 Nguyen Van Chien, Do Hong Nga, Ngo Ngoc Dinh: Deep processing of concentrates of mineral ilmenites Nui Chua for producing artificial rutine


30 Le Thi Chieu: Deep cooling treatment to reduce the retained austenite in carbonitriding depth

34 Nguyen Minh Hong: On magnetic properties of itinerant electrons in some rare earth – transition metal intermetallics


40 Le Ba Dung: Mould and core making

44 Nguyen Ha Tuan, Nguyen Khai Hoan, Tran Duc Hung: Electroslag for making high quality steel

Industrial environment

49 Nguyen Duc Khien: Environmental resolution of iron and steel making

50 Metals and life