Issue 42


2 46th anniversary meeting of the VFMSTA and scientific workshop on chromite industry

3 Nguyen Duc Quy: On the exploitation, processing and rational use of Co Dinh chromite mineral sand

9 Phung Viet Ngu: Consultancy on industrial development of chromite ore


16 Pham Chi Cuong: Implementation progress of last foreigninvested steel complexes

19 News of metallurgical industry


22 Nguyen Huu Dung: Austenite ductile iron alloyed by nickel and manganese

27 To Duy Phuong, Le Minh Tuan and Do Thi Duyen: Influence of heat treatment on mechanical properties of Al-Si alloy A356

30 Nguyen Van Hoang and Chu Thien Truong: Effect of antimony (Sb) on mechanical properties of AlSi7Cu3 alloy during ageing

34 Phung Tuan Anh: Determining an optimal heat treatment for brass LK75-0.5 before and after hot-rolling

37 Do Hong Nga, Truong Ngoc Than and Vu Chat Phac: Effect of bauxite particle size on red mud settling

42 Pham Quang, Nguyen Dang Khoa, Dao Minh Ngung and Do Minh Nghiep: Computer calculating of dynamic parameters and stress analysis on nitinol workpiece during continuous frictional angular extrusion (CFAE) by FEM


48 Nguyen Duc Khien: Environmental problems in Vietnam’s development