Issue 43


4 Meeting on steel industry of Vietnam and activities of VSA in the first 6 months of 2012

5 Pham Chi Cuong: Vietnam steel industry and VSA activities in the first 6 months of 2012

13 Pham Anh: Warning about low price of Chinese steels

15 Hung Anh: The risk of being bankrupt of steel enterprises

16 Thanh Huong: An unsafe situation of steel business in the face of economic crisis


17 Two unlicensed plants in Mong Cai are fined

19 Quang Tan: The ceaseless flow of mineral ores to China

21 Hung Tien-Nam Tran: Disaster of uncontrolled mineral exploitation and loss in Cao Bang

22 Minh Ha: A foriner-customs officer is procecuted for contraband titanium business

23 Hoang Son: On the Chinese limit of rare earth export

24 Thanh Tung: The DPRK’s economy will grow thanks to meniral sources of USD 6,000 billion?

25 News of metallurgical industry


28 Jeremy A.T. Jones: A study on energy using of EAF


38 Bui Anh Hoa, Do Khanh Nguyen: A Study on Ultra Low Carbon Steel Melting in an Induction Furnace

43 Le Thi Chieu; Trieu Khuong and Tran Van Nam: Studying on distribution of carbon, nitrogen and microstructure of carbonitriding layer on 20X steel treated in atmosphere using Vietnamese gases


49 Nguyen Duc Khien: Analysis of arsenic in underground and urban water sources