Issue 46


2 Phung Viet Ngu: Activities of the VFMSTA in 2012

4 Pham Chi Cuong: Hard problems confronting Vietnam steel industry with low persued growth in 2013

6 Duong Tung: To start build of blast-furnace for Formosa intergrated steel-mill combinated project

8 Overview of Son Duong sea port and intergrated steelmill combinate of the Formosa Ha Tinh steel corporation

10 Thai Son: A Pb-Zn plant of VND 1000 bil. built illegally in Cho Don, Bac Kan

12 QD: To set up the Mineral Transparency Alliance

14 Do Thanh Thao: On the mining and processing activities for tatanium ores in Binh Dinh

17 News of metallurgical industry


21 Chu Duc Khai, Pasquale Spezzano: Project GF/VIE/08/005 Technical guidance

26 Nguyen Chi Kien: Reaching for failure analysis field and prevention components from failure


31 Ngo Xuan Hung, Dang Van Hao, Le Thi Chieu: Production of titanium alloy from of local titanium slag or oxide by magnesium thermal method

37 Do Minh Duc, Nguyen Hong Hai and Pham Quang: Modeling continuous rheo-castingof the A356 alloy by finite element method (FEM)

41 Dinh Tien Thinh: E-pH diagram of system Sn-S-H-O applied in tin electrolysing


45 Nguyen Duc Khien: Dangers of climate change

49 Thu Huong – QN: Steel furnace dust management: ignoring malicious warnings