Issue 50


2 Scientific Workshop on the Development of Rare Earth Industry in Vietnam


3 Phung Viet Ngu: Proposals for the development of RE industry in Vietnam

10 Nguyen Manh Quan: Development orientation of RE industry for Vietnam

13 Nguyen Van Hanh, Nguyen Duc Quy: Situation and policies of the RE mining, processing and using in Vietnam

21 Nguyen Van Man: Projects for discovery, exploration and processing of RE ores in Vietnam

26 Pham Chi Cuong: Challenges and opportunities for Vietnam’s steel industry


28 Hoang Thi Ngoc Quyen, Le Thi Chieu, Dinh Quang Nang, Nguyen Hong Hai and Pham Mai Khanh: The effect of rare earth on M7C3 eutectic carbide in 13% chromium white cast iron

33 Dang Thi Hong Hue, Dao Minh Ngung, Nguyen Trong Giang: Investigation of the effect of technical parameters on mechanics failure in cross wedge rolling process

38 Truong Ngoc Than, Vu Chat Phac, Do Hong Nga, Duong Ngoc Binh: Intensive settling process of Gia Nghia red mud by modified inorganic flocculants

42 Nguyen Huu Son, Pham Van Cuong, Le Thai Hung, Nguyen Viet Anh: The effect of treatment time of the carbon fibre surface in carbon dioxide media on flexural strength of carbon-carbon composites


47 Nguyen Thuy Lan, Dinh Va Ton: Environmental subsequences from RE mining and processing