Issue 53


2 Phung Viet Ngu: 48 th Anniversary of the Vietnam Science and Technology Association for Foundry and Metallurgy

3 Phung Viet Ngu: 48 years Activities of the VSTAFM

8 Chu Duc Khai: International mobile workshop of “Improvement of profit by standard production”


9 Cau Xuan Kinh, Mai Ha: Preferential requests for the bauxite projects

11 Begging for increasing incentives to reduce loss of the bauxite project

14 Nguyen Van Ban: A tuoi tre interview for Dr. Nguyen Van Ban

15 Vo Van Thanh: The bauxite projects seem to be unseaired

18 Phong Cam: The “clinical death” of steel enterprises


20 Nguyen Van Thai, Do Giao Tiwn: A study on production of ferritic ductile iron for some parts of automotive industry

24 Ho Ky Thanh, Tran Van Dung, Nguyen Dang Thuy: Synthesizing porous NiTi by vacuum sintering method

29 Tran Xuan Tien, Nguyen Huu Mien and Dao Hong Bach: Determination of moisture distribution and thermal coefficent of the green sand mold

35 Nguyen Truong Huy, Nguyen Ha Tuan, Nguyen Son Lam: Melting, refining and heat treatment of steel OXHMFA for high-strength tube

39 Nguyen Van Thuong, Duong Ngoc Quynh, Nguyen Huu Dung, Nguyen Hong Hai: Austempered Ductile Iron of high silicon content


48 Nguyen Duc Khien: How to determine Cd in underground and tap waters

45 Content 2012 + 2013 (No 40 – 51)