Issue 55


2 The 89th anniversary of the Vietnam revolutionary press


3 Half-yearly report of VFMSTAs activities

4 Phung Viet Ngu: 10 years of consultancy, opponency and social evaluation of the VFMSTA

10 Pham Chi Cuong: Suggestions of the exploitation and employing iron ores in Vietnam steel sector

14 Nguyen Van Sua: The steel industry of ASEAN countries

17 Vien Nhi: Vietnam steel industry is lacking in a develop- ment strategy

18 Hoang Nam: A proposal for correction of environment rate for bauxite ores

20 Thanh Huong: The Tan Rai alumina plant

22 Thanh Huong: The sooner privatization of two Tan Rai and Nhan Co plants

23 M Kien: To speed up the Ti deep processing

25 Hung Hai, Manh Kien: No doubles about effectiveness of the Sin Quyen Copper complex


27 Binh N. Duong and Dung V. LE: Fabrication of zinc aluminum alloy (Zn15Al0.5Mg) for plain bearing application

31 Vu Huy Thang, Tran Quoc Lap: The mechanism of carbother- mal reduction process of TiO2 using high-energy mechanical milling

35 Hoang Anh Tuan, Tran Nhu Bien, Nguyen Tien Tai, Pham Mai Khanh: Manufacture of Ti6Al7Nb biomedical alloy by vacuum induction melting

42 Phan Ngoc Lam, Tran Minh Vuong, Nguyen Ngoc Ha: Influence of self dried lost foam pattern coating composition, coat- ing thickness, casting pressure on fluidity and penetration for alloy A356


47 Phung Viet Ngu: On the production safety and protection of the ecological environment in metallurgy