Issue 57


2 Dang Le Toan: Meeting and workshop in honour of the 19th anniversary of the Vietnam Heat Treatment’s Society

3 Dao Hong Bach: Congratulation speech on 19th anniversary of the Vietnam Heat Treatment’s Society


4 Tran Tat Thang, Dinh Van Tam, Nghiem Gia: VSCs research and development activities in years 2011 – 2014 and orientations toward years 2015 – 2020

12 VFMSTA: Steel production and consumption in 2014

15 Chu Duc Khai: General situation of Vietnam steel industry in 2014 and forecast for 2015

19 Nguyen Van Sua: World crude steel output in 2014

21 News of metallurgical industry


27 Sai Manh Thang, Le Thi Chieu, Dao Hong Bach: Identification of spinodal microstructure in Cu-Ni-Sn alloys after ageing

32 Hoang Vinh Giang, Nguyen Van Tu: A study of the effect of main technological parameters on plasma nitrided layer of SKD61 steel in NITRION unit

38 Do Van Quang, Dao Hong Bach: The effect of polyethylene wax on properties of wax pattern in investment casting process

42 Tran Trong Manh, Nguyen Cao Son, Bui Anh Hoa: Characteristics of ultra-low carbon steel after vacuum treatment


47 Nguyen Duc Khien: Effect of water soure pollution on living environment