Issue 62


2  Pham Chi Cuong: Opening speech of the AFC-13

3  Press announcement

4  Nguyen Huu Dung: In celebration of the 13th Asian Foundry



7  Nguyen Van Thai: Overview  of Vietnams foundry industry

12  Nguyen Van Sua: Vietnam  Steel Industry in 9 months 2015 sumary of articles of AFC13

17  Do Minh Nghiep, Dao Minh Ngung, Pham Quang: Session 1. Advanced materials. Computer simulation and  modelling

20  To Duy Phuong, Bui Anh Hoa, Doan Dinh Phuong: Session 2. Cast  irons and  steels

24  Truong Ngoc Than, Pham Van Tich, Duong Ngoc Binh: Session 3. Non ferrous metals and alloys casting

26  Phung  To  Hang,  Nguyen  Van Chuong,  Nguyen  Ha  Tuan: Session 4. Heat,  cryogenic and  surface treatments

28  Nguyen  Van Thai,  Nguyen  Huu  Dung,   Pham  Mai  Khanh: Session 5. Moulding, materials and rapid prototyping technologies

31  Dinh Quang Nang, Nguyen Hong Hai, Tran Duc Huy: Session 6. Foundry  technology, equipment and  manufacturing


34  Le Hong Duyen, Pham Duc Thang, Ngo Huy Khoa: An orientat- ed study  on hydrometallurgical process for sulphide con- centrate of nickel and  copper by Albion method

38  Nguyen Minh Duc, Pham Thao, Tran  Quoc Lap:  Influence  of hot pressing temperature on the cutting properties of compozit  Cu – TiC – diamond

42  Tran Xuan Tien, Dao Hong Bach,  Nguyen Khai Hoan: Determination of condensation zone  in green sand mold by numerical simulation

47  Do Hong Nga: Material compositions of graphite concen- trate  from Bao Ha mine and  examination roasting of conditions