Issue 71




2    Pham  Chi  Cuong:  Speech  on  the  occasion  of  the  61st anniversary of the VFMSTA establishment (5/4/1966 – 5/4/2017)

5    Nguyen Van Sua: The world pig iron production in 2016

7    Nguyen Van Sua: Vietnam steel industry in Qr.I/2017

10  Pham Chi Cuong: Finex technology – the next generation of iron making

13  Nguyen Van Sua: Iron and steel slag – A resource to be processed and used

16  Nguyen Duc Khien: Vietnam need speed up using clean energy



37  Do Phuong Thao, Dinh Quang Nang: A study on the effect of heating temperature on the lost foam coating permeability

43  Do Minh Duc, Le Minh Hai, Dao Hong Bach and Le Hong Thang: The adhesion possibility of aluminum on the glass surface in atmospheric medium


48  Nguyen Duc Khien: What Vietnam must do to not become a world’s landfill of technology?

50  Nguyen Duc Khien: Effect of environmental pollution and smoking habit on human heath