Issue 78



2    The VII Congress of the VFMSTA

5    VSA: Vietnam Steel Market in the first 4 months of 2018

7    Nguyen Duc Khien: To create breakthroughs in growth and development

11  Nguyen Van Sua: The future of global scrap availabiltity



32  Pham Thi Thuy, Dang Thi Hong Hue, Dao Minh Ngung and Pham Quang: Evolution of microstructure and mechanical prop- erties of magnesium alloy AZ31 after Constrained Groove Pressing

37  Tran Van Hiep, Nguyen Cong Minh, Pham Van Thang, Hoang Anh Quang, Le Minh Hai and Dang Quoc Khanh: Effect of applied pressure on densification and mechanical proper- ties of Fe13Mn-TiC composite produced by pulsed electric current sintering

43  Ha Bach Tu, Hoang Anh Quang, Nguyen Minh Duc, Tran Vu Diem Ngoc: Effect of TiC contents on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-TiC composites


47  Nghiem Gia, Bui Huy Tuan: Environmental protection solu- tions of Vietnam steel industry in the period 2018-2030