Issue 91



2 Nguyen Tien Tai, Hoang Anh Tuan, Nguyen Hong Hai, Le Thi Hong Nhung, Ngo Duy Thin: The fabrication process of TiAl6Nb7 applied for bone-reinforcement implants

9 Tran Si Trong Khanh: A study on manufacturing technology for boron carbide (B4C) from raw materials of Thai Nguyen coal pitch and boric acid



39 Nguyen Van Sua: Vietnam steel industry in the first 6 months 2020

42 Report on activities of the Hanoi Foundry-Metallurgy Society and its orientations in coming years

45  VFMSTA: The world pig iron production in 2019


48  Nguyen Duc Khien: Environmental problems in craft villages