Issue 03


1 Hideo Nakae: Formation mechanism of spheroidal graphite and the transfer to chunky graphite

2 Panya Buahombura, Piya Kaewnopparat, Mawin Supradist Na Ayudhaya, Suvanchai Pongsukitwat and Takateru Umeda: Numerical Analysis of Heat trasfer and solidification behavior of wheel/belt type continuous caster of Aluminium


8 Nguyen Trong Hiep, Nguyen Hong Du, Pham Pho: Application of Fe-Si-Cr alloys incathode protection systems for concrete constructions


15 Trinh Ban, Do Hoai Due, Nguyen Anh Tuan: Advantages of clean V-N-S iflurization process at low temperatures

21 Nguyen Khac Cuong; Le Trong Hau; Ly Quoc Cuong: Some results of low-temperature liquid carbo-uitriding

25 Huynh Hoa Binh: Heat treatment regines of high alloys and stainless steels in the vacuum furnace

28 Nguyen Hoang Nghi, Oshung Song, Tran Quoc Lap, Pham Thao, Nguyen Thi Hanh, Do Mini) Nghiep: Formation of Single Crystals from Metallic Oxides at High Temperatures

News anh figures

33 Ten years development of Vietnam Heat Treatment Science and Technology Association (26/11/1995 – 26/11/2005)

34 On the Successfull AFC-9

35 International workshop on Bauxite-Alumina and Aluminium

36 Opening speech of AFC-9

37 Speech at AFC-9 of Mr. Do Huu Hao, Vice Minister of Vietnam Industry