Issue 49


2 Report on the IV Congress of the HCMC Association for Foundry and Metallurgy

3 Resolutions of the IV Congress of the HCM Association for Foundry and Metallugry

4 List of the Executive Commitee of the HCM VFMSTA for 2013 – 2018

5 Official dispatch of the Vinacomin to the VFMSTA

6 Vietnam steel industry in H1 2013


14 Phung Viet Ngu: Preparation for the Workshop on Vietnam Rare-Earth industry

16 Tu Luong: To perfect the legal framework for develpment of Science and Technology

17 Bui Quang Binh: Overseas experiences in the mineral exploitation and exporting

20 Thanh Huong: How to handle the ferous ore excess

21 Quang Duan: Illegal mineral export to China

22 Phuong Nhung: News of metallurgical industry


25 Chu Duc Khai, Pasquale Spezzano: The project guidance GF/VIE/08/005


28 Tran Van Nghia: The effect of the grain boundary engineering on properties of austenitic stainless steel

33 Ho Thi Hai Ha, Dinh Quang Nang: A study on starch mixture used

39 Le Minh Duc, Do Minh Duc, Tran Vn Chien, Nguyen Hong Hai: Determination of cooling rate and growth rate for rheocasting process on cooling slope

44 Le Hong Son, Dao Duy Anh; Trinh Minh Ngoc: Extraction process of Li from Li ore


49 Nguyen Duc Khien: The CDM and related activities in Vietnam